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Borderlands 2


Xbox 360 Games Download - This is the game where you will feel the magic that even after playing 5 hours game as both in side and main mission, you will come to the conclusion that you just love this game. There is no two thoughts that the world is really captivating. Once you get past the opening mission, which is sort of like a training mission after that you can freely go with what you exactly want.

Playing by yourself  is somewhat easier job to do and fun too. You can easily compete missions. This game is fun in itself and you will not loose anything in this. But it can become a little bit boring for you.

Yes, here the enemies are easier, but they aren’t really that challenging. If we talk about the enemies of game cheat codes then there are a lot in this game. You can see about 10 different types of enemies so far, which is awesome.

The best part about the Borderlands 2 game is that it includes:

  • A great amount of amazing writing and dialogues.
  • Enticing loot and exciting experience rewards
  • You will find challenging skill trees.
  • This is one of the richest and great inviting game world.


       As such it includes no bad point in it but still there are some area where it lack its control:

  1.        The messages which are being spoken in the game sometimes interrupt each other.
  2.        One character ability is not substantially different from the core gun play.

In Borderlands 2 all its previous novelty has gone but it is back with all the other elements and in better form than ever. This helps in doubling the success rate and shortening its short comes. There are multiple areas to visit during the whole course of your adventure.

There is one mission system which has got inbuilt small tweaks which gives a noticeable impact.